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> staging environments made simple and realtime.

Stage is the fastest way for individuals, teams, and organizations to QA and ship apps.

By harnessing the power of △ now, deployments are fast and reliable.

## Instant environments for every PR

Open a GitHub PR and instantly receive a unique url running that code.

Push some changes and the environment updates itself.

With full Docker support, staging environments mirror production perfectly.

## Start staging now

Follow these steps to setup stage for your repo:

  1. Create a new GitHub access token with the repo scope. In the following steps this will be called GITHUB_TOKEN.
  2. Make up a very long secret security key. In the following steps this will be called GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET.
  3. Deploy stage to your △ now account using the deploy button below.
  4. Once deployed, copy the url and go to your GitHub repo.
  5. On the repo, click ‘Settings’, then ‘Webhooks’. Add a new webhook.
  6. Set the Content type dropdown to application/json
  7. Set the secret to match your made up GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET from above.
  8. Paste the url, and choose ‘individual events’. Select the ‘Pull Request’ event, then add the webhook.

That's it! You now have a shiny new stage server waiting to deploy your PRs.